Rob Kearsley Bullen—author, educator, musician
Rob Kearsley Bullen—author, educator, musician


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Will Dangerfield Adventures

In Snatchers we first meet William Reginald Dangerfield, a disaffected 13-year-old who is about to run away from his home in Birkenhead. Will's intention is to set out for the bright lights of London, but he suffers a minor diversion: a thousand years forward in time and to the Proxima Centauri system, to be precise. Here he is inducted into the Interstellar Defence Corps, where he is to be trained as a Field Operative in their Temporal Reclamation Unit: A Snatcher. The human race is in peril, from threats without and within, and Will must do his part in saving us all.

Following the events in Snatchers, Will continues his training. The Stalkers, the Snatchers' nemesis, have a plan. In order to save the future, they're going to wreck the past. Following their return from a visit to dazzling twenty-ninth century High Earth, Will and his comrades find history drastically changed and are forced to follow a desperate course of action, seeking help in the distant past of Earth and on the home planet of our allies, the mysterious, reptilian Wizzards.
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